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iPhone Ambivalence

As many of you saw on Monday, Steve Jobs announced the new 3G iPhone.  Frankly, I'm not impressed.  Of course, I will most likely get one to replace the one that was stolen from me a few months ago but I'm pretty sad about the surge in Data Plan costs.

Over the 2 year locked in contract with AT&T I will pay and additional $240 in data costs.  Factor that in with the $20 you already need to pay for data, plus the $50 in phone charges, plus NY's astronimcal taxes, it comes to about $100/month or $2400 over 2 years.  Whew!  That's a whole lotta cheddar yo!

I was really hoping that the new phone would come with some really appealing features that would make me want to stand in line at the apple store July 11th.  But really, the only new features that I will find at all useful are the 3G and maybe the GPS (although I can't realistically see myself using it that much).  The enterprise stuff is great for people who's company will let them use their iphone for business, but I will still be toting around a blackberry as well.  I was really hoping for a flash and more hard drive space.

I did purchase a mobileMe account.  I'm curious to see what that will do for my iPhone/workflow.

Anyway, those are my inital thoughts.  Because I'm a sucker, I will most likely buy the phone as soon as it comes out, but with some grunts and grumbles along the way.