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People (new yorkers) are assholes

This morning on my way to work, I fell.  I fell in the subway coming down the steps.  I landed hard on both knees and one hand and all my stuff went flying.  Other than one dude who half heartedly asked "are you okay" no one even batted an eyelid.

Now I know I'm not some old lady, or little kid or visibly pregnant chick but come on New Yorkers, have some freaking decency!!  When someone falls down in the subway and is visibly in pain, help them up for Christ's sake! My knee hurts, but my feelings towards humanity are bruised far worse.


Stephen Colbert Friday Performance on Jimmy Fallon



Friday Video

speaking of Amanda Palmer...

I saw this train wreck on her blog and it makes me really, really sad.  I am embarrassed for the professionals who were involved in this self absorbed, over-zealous, what seems to be a bat miztvah present from a very rich daddy.

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