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There is no internet in Mexico

okay that's not true but I will be doing my best to avoid it for the next week.  I will be on a MUCH NEEDED vacation with my mom in Mexico.

See you on the flip side.


Lessons Hurricane Irene has taught me

1) it is so important to have great neighbors.  Get to know the people next door today - they may be lending you towels to sop up water tomorrow.
2) keep that plastic painters tarp that you've had in the closet for 4 years.  You never know when you might need to cover a couch
3) when water starts pouring out from the light fixture, it might be time to turn the power off
4) take pictures - lots and lots of pictures - and a video doesn't hurt either
5) don't assume that because your apartment is flooding, that everyone else's is.  Turns out you're one of the only ones
6) when you hear water at 2am - it's not the rain - it's the rain in your apartment
7) your friends are awesome and they want to help you
8) your parents are awesome and they want to help you
9) it's okay to feel totally helpless
10) your husband is a water dumping rockstar
11) work will understand that you're currently homeless and can't come in
12) no amount of preparation can ever actually prepare you for what happened
13) stuff is just stuff and it's totally replaceable and life will go on, with or without it



James Taylor wants to be your guitar teacher

This is such an awesome little marketing thing.  I love it.  Despite how my husband feels about James Taylor, I'm psyched to learn to play all his songs.

Check it out at

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