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Hey, it's been a long time

I took a hiatus from this blog for a while to concentrate on which is going well.

A quick recap of things:

In March I went on the Startup Bus which was 300 people from 11 citites get on 11 buses and create 60 startups in 72 hours. It was a blast and so rewarding. It has also made me think a lot about career and what I actually want to do when I grow up.

Also in March, my friends Alyse and Shawn had a baby girl. Who is amazing.

I just went home for passover which was a lot of fun. I baked 2 kosher for passover cakes which should be on the blog soon.

Speaking of cake - I've decided to try this whole gluten free thing again.  Don't worry, I'll still make regular cakes. I just won't be eating them.


NPR Valentine's eCards

I love these! I especially love the homage to Say Anything :)

See them all here.


I might be in love with Alan Grayson

and I kinda hate PJ O'Rourke

I love when he says "Okay, I'll be that spokesman." Good on you Alan.

I do love me some PJ O'Rourke but only when he's on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

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