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Screw bonfires and sing-a-longs! I'm going to Flex Camp!

I am in New Jersey.  I am sitting in a cold event room in Montclare State University listening to men try to out-nerd each other, one presentation at a time.  I can't say I didn't ask for this...


I was never the type of kid to chose the computer over being outside.  I didn't go to science camp, I went to arts camp.  I didn't stay inside playing with my nintendo, I played soccer.  That's why I'm baffled that I chose to spend two entire days of my life at Flex Camp.  What is flex camp you ask?  Well, basically it's a big pissing contest between nerdy boys talking about how to code.  Most of the presentations do not apply to me.  Every once in a while a spunky, young programmer comes up and wakes us all up from our code induced stupor.  I'm just happy I have the internet today (yesterday we did not).


Maybe I'm just not nerdy enough to "get" this stuff.  I feel like I'm a competent programmer in Actionscript and I'm really starting to learn Flex but to be honest, I have zero interest in how Flex talks to Java.  I don't care about unit testing.  I really just want to learn how to make it pretty. 


It's not all awful.  There are some really nice people here and I'm meeting people face to face that I have only spoken to over email.  that's fun.  Later on, someone is going to talk about using Drupal as a backend to Flex.  My inner nerd just got a little wet...ew.


Anyway I'm sticking it out till the end of the day.  I was told there would be dinner and alcohol.


At least there was cake

Today is my last day at MTV. I was greeted at the weekly staff meeting with a beautiful cake (Compliments of the even more beautiful executive assistant Lana).

The cake was a lovely gesture and it makes up for some of the disappointment I felt last week. Still, I'm ready to go...


6 Months later...

Today is my 6-month anniversary.  6 Months ago my hubby and I were nervously awaiting the smashing of glass, the dancing first dances and the cutting of the cake.

As some of you know, we got married rather quickly.  Essentially, we were enaged and married in 3 weeks.  Our party was 36 people (including ourselves) which consisted of mostly family and a few extended family members.  It was lovely and completely the way to do it.

It was so nice not to obsess over the little details.  Not once did my mother and I fight about whether it should be white or off-white, purple or lilac, fish or chicken.  We didn't have time to stumble over choices like this, we just made them.  And it was great.

Geoff and I were engaged on Valentines Day (ick).  Well technically it was past midnight so lets say Febrary 15th.  On the 15th I ordered my beautiful dress from and it was on my doorstep a few days later.  My mother in law took me to chinatown to get it tailored and done!  The only thing that was a bit of a struggle was the veil.  I refused to pay 100s of dollars for something I could easily make myself.  I managed to get one of ebay for a resonable sum (the express shipping cost more than the veil).

Anyway, reflecting on the last 6 months, I can't say married life has really changed us.  I think if anything, we like each other more.  There's a certain mutual respect that you can't really feel for a person until you're married.  We look at each other now and think, this person is my family and I need to think before I yell at them for not putting the cap back on the toothpaste.

I am very happy and feeling good about the last 6 months and the next 60 years to come.  My husband is wonderful and we plan on having a good time and kicking ass for the rest of our lives together.