36 to 36

I’ve decided to start this whole fitness routine a bit early because why the heck not? Also I realized I could do 36 to 36 this way. So the plan, get 36 fitness classes, training sessions, yoga videos…whatever in before my 36th birthday. Time to get my ass in gear. I also joined ClassPass and plan to make the most out of it.

Day 1: Trainer. Hardest session with him yet. He’s really starting to understand how to kick my ass.

Day 2: Still store and post NYE but drag my ass to Pure Barre class with my very pregnant friend. She ran circles around me in class. I am out of shape. I need to do what I’m doing or I will never walk up a flight of stairs again without huffing and puffing again. Also, kind of love/hate barre class. Turns out my mom does it once a week. My mom is a badass. All the girls in this class have the same ponytail, same outfit and same dead expression in their eyes. Remind me not to work out in Williamsburg too often.

I’ll try to post the classes I’ll be attending here in case any of our want to join me on my adventures or want to see me flail around. Tentative schedule for the week:

Monday: Trainer
Tuesday: AlterG AntiGravity Treadmill
Wednesday: Bringing Back the 90’s Yoga
Thursday: Intro to Pole
Friday: Trainer