Fuck it, I’ll Make Time

One of the principal reasons I rarely work out is time. I didn’t have any time before I had kids and now that they’re 3, I realized that my pre-kid no time had nothing on my now no time. But fuck it, I’ll make time.

I turn 36 on February 4th and I was thinking the 30 days leading up to my birthday would be a good time for a mega marathon of fitness classes and experiences, not unlike what I did leading up to my 30th birthday. These classes can be pilates, yoga, spinning, pole dancing, tap class, cross fit…wherever my fitness imagination takes me. And I’m just going to make the time. I’ll hire a babysitter. I’ll make it happen.

I’d love your suggestions (thinking about classpass) and I’d also love partners to accompany me to all these various classes. I’ll post a calendar somewhere and people can join me if they want.

I’m psyched about this fitness reboot and hoping it gets me into a healthy habit of moving more and just enjoying the act of exercising.