Ladies, Ladies, Ladies

News Flash: I’m a Women in Tech!

I know what you’re all thinking: this is epic news. Here’s what I’m thinking: why is this even a thing anymore? Why is being a technical executive and being a woman something even worth talking about? Apparently it is. Apparently it’s rare. Apparently I’m a bit of a unicorn.

I wrote this blog post for my old company 7 years ago. I’m amazed at how little has changed. Recently I went to a developer conference where I could easily count the number of women who were there. When I asked around, turns out most of them were in marketing. Yich. Not that there’s anything wrong with marketing. It’s a totally noble pursuit. But I want to know when it comes to coders, where my ladies at?

Which is why I am relaunching my website, why I am getting new headshots, why I’m working on my own career and attempting to do speaking engagements. There needs to be more women like me out there.  Nerdy, techy women who are good coders, great managers and excellent people people.  I am on a mission to create a new generation of female technical executives who feel as comfortable being where they are as I do.