Starbucks Sterling Silver Gift Card

I walked into Starbucks this morning. I was totally enchanted by the red holiday decor. It’s beginning to look a lot like the time to spend all our money.

Anyway I got to the front of the line and saw the sign for this, a sterling silver Starbucks gift card “charm” for the low, low price of $200. I thought, well surely it has $200 worth of Starbucks credit on it, then it might be worth it. How silly of me. For $200 you get the fantastically branded gift card charm and a whopping $50 worth of credit.

Who in the world would buy this? Even the most fan-y of Starbucks fan-boys can’t even justify this purchase can they? I’m so curious how many of these actually get sold. I’ve asked my local baristas to give me a running tally.