A Cab Story

I just had to share my cab story from last night: I got in a cab at Penn Station last night around 12:15am. I told the cab driver “park slope, flatbush and 7th ave.” He looked confused so I told him, “just go down to canal street, make a left turn, go over the manhattan bridge and continue straight on Flatbush.” Still puzzled, he asked me for my address so he could input it into his GPS.  When we get down to Canal street he proceeds towards the Holland Tunnel.  After I ask him what the fuck he’s doing, he tells me he’s trying to find the bridge.  I have to take him step by step back to canal street.  After that ordeal I tell  him “just stay on the same road, don’t exit, don’t turn.” Somehow that meant, “take that exit as soon as you get off the bridge so you end up in dumbo.” So I start screaming at the guy because he doesn’t know how to drive or listen.  He insists his GPS told him to exit there.  I told him he (and his GPS) need to learn directions.  So I have to get on my iphone and direct us back to Flatbush.  Finally I get to my apartment and he gives me a half hearted apology. I gave him no tip (my trip cost $10 more than it should have anyway) and I go to open the trunk and get my bags.  This is when he proceeds to DRIVE AWAY with his trunk open and my bags in the car! Fortunately I’m a loud screamer and there was a truck who saw this all go down and honked his horn.  The driver stopped, I yelled more obscenities at him, got my bags, flipped him off and went home. I reported him this morning.