Battling Myself

There was a fabulous episode of Radiolab on recently where they talked about battling yourself.  That there are 2 sides to every person (the side that knows what’s good for you and the side that doesn’t care and will do what it feels like).  I am in one of those battles right now.

I’ve been told by a doctor to cut out sugar for a little while and see if I can get my body back to normal. So here I am on day 1 and I’m already starring down those evil starburst that the secretary has on her desk.

The radiolab show had an example of what one woman did to quit smoking.  She was a serious hippie liberal activist and she finally decided to quit smoking.  After many failed attempts, she decided she needed an immediate disgust to battle the immediate pleasure of smoking.  She told her friend, “If I ever smoke again, you can donate money in my name to the KKK” and she never smoked again.  The “right now” pleasure of smoking was overshadowed by the “right now” disgust of being a donator to the KKK. Pretty drastic, but it worked.

So I’ve decided to do something similar.  I’m only giving up sugar for 2 very long weeks. So in these 2 weeks, if I eat sugar consciously (if it’s snuck into a cooked food at a restaurant and it isn’t obvious to me, that doesn’t count) I will donate $100 to the Westboro Baptist Church. You know the ones, the fuckheads who protest at funerals?? Bastards!  Ohhhh I can feel my disgust growing as we speak.

I ask you all to help keep me accountable for this. I would HATE to have to give money to an organization that evil so I think it’s motivation enough.