Day 26 – Life insurance, shopping, misery and music

Today was a weird day.

I woke up super early to have a physical for my life insurance.  I decided that it was one of the integral steps to getting my life in order.  This woman came to my house and talked my ear off for an hour and a half while pausing every once in a while to take my vitals.  It was awful.

Then I went back to bed.

Geoff and I woke up, went to breakfast in Union Square and marched our way to our all day Swing Class that we had been looking forward to for weeks. But about a block from the studio we looked at each other and decided that neither of us really wanted to go.  So we went shopping instead.

I think it was really one of the first times we’ve ever just spent the day together shopping.  We had a really nice time picking things out for each other.

After shopping I had to get to work. I had 2 rehearsals to prep for the big 3-0 show!  Sounding good and I’m getting psyched!