Day 18 Yes to Divorce/Marriage

now before any of you blow a gasket, let me explain.  Today was my last mama gena inner circle event.  The theme of the day was divorce and marriage. The divorce, is a metaphorical divorce where we rid ourselves of a part of ourselves we don’t like and let it go.  Whether it’s anger, or an old memory, or a  few pounds we want to shed…it’s anything that is taking up too much of our time and we no longer want to give it that time.

The marriage was to ourselves.  But not just ourselves as we currently are, ourselves as the best possible you you can imagine. It was actually pretty great.  We closed our eyes and pictured ourselves as what we would like to be and then we wrote vows to that person.  After that we split up into groups and ran all over the city performing marriage ceremonies.  It was a hoot! We were all running around in ballgowns and snow boots!  Our group even conjured a professional photographer to take pictures of us!