Day 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14

Sorry I was behind so I’m lumping these days into 1 post.

Day 9: Saying yes to my music.  I actually am making myself rehearse for my show on my birthday. I haven’t been able to rest and not practice for my show ever since I saw the Carrot Top show in Vegas. This is something I rarely do but my fabulous guitar player Mike makes me do it and I am grateful for that.

Day 10: Yes to fitness. I decided after my training session was done that I still had a bit more in me.  I went on the tredmill and did a bit of running.  It felt great.

Day 11: Pilates Reformer class.  I am totally obsessed.  I am now scouring groupon and lifebooker to see if I can find discount classes anywhere.  My body felt so right after class and it was wonderful! I highly recommend it. Also yes to watching Mad Men all night with my hubby.

Day 12: Yes to pole dancing.  Now many of you would say, “hey, she already does pole dancing” and you’d be right.  However, it’s been months since I had been in a class.  This was a great re-awakening of a fun activity that I had no idea how much I missed it.  Also, geoff and I had brunch with our friends Jenny and Ryan which was so great.  Jenny and I also rehearsed for a song we’re going to do at my show.  After that, we had my in-laws over to watch the golden globes.  All in all, a very good day.

Day 13: Yes to seeing old friends perform.  I went out to Birdland in Times Square to see my friend Christine Lavin do what she does so well.  It was a wonderful and inspiring performance full of laughter and wonderful songwriting.  Jeff Daniels Ervin Drake and Julie Gold made appearances and it was a fabulous show. I also introduced a friend and fellow songwriter to Christine and she really enjoyed the show as well.

Day 14: Yes to tap tap tapping away.  I went to my first tap class in over 10 years.  My shoes were a bit tight but I was surprised by how easily I picked it back up.  There are only 4 women in my class which makes it a lot less intimidating.  So much fun!

  • Jenny says:
    January 20, 2011

    Thank you Marissa for getting me, um, on the pole. I'm STILL sore but really looking forward to that class again. I feel like your 30 days of yes is turning into mine!

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