Day 4 of YES – out ALL day

I spent the entire day out and about today.  I went to the gym to see my fabulous trainer and had a great work out.

After that I hopped in a cab and went to the upper east side for a farewell party for my friend Saidah.  She is moving to LA and it was so wonderful to go and see her off in true Sister Goddess Style! I baked a very decadant chocolate cake for the party.

After the party, I met a friend at the guitar store and helped her pick out a new guitar.  I also made a “YES” decision that I do love to play the ukulele and that I want to return the one I bought and get a better version that I can actually play out live.  Very excited!  We also got her a great guitar that I hope she loves.

We left the guitar store and got dinner in the Lower East Side.  After dinner we headed to my friend Vin’s show at the Delancey. He was great!

This was a wonderful, full and fabulous day! YES to keeping busy!

  • lydia says:
    January 9, 2011

    thanks for helping me find the perfect guitar! Had a really great time and I'm totally up to help you with any more "yes" projects!

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