Day 2 of YES, A Mixed Bag

Day 2 was more of a mixture of small things I normally “poo poo”. So here’s what I did:

I walked, a lot. I got off a stop early and walked home.

I finished my artwork for my new CD.

I cooked. Now many of you would think I cook a lot. Not true, I BAKE a lot but hardly ever cook.  I had a friend come over and I made her dinner (Duck, Kale Chips and Cous Cous) and I did it all without stressing or breaking a sweat.  It was an easy, economical way of nourishing myself.  I need to do it more often.

Spring Cleaning. As many of you know, I participate in Mama Gena’s School for the Womanly Arts. If you don’t know about Mama Gena you should.  She’s totally nuts and totally amazing and fun and I encourage you to look her up.  Just don’t take too much stock in this video.  

Anyway, Mama Gena has a “tool” which she calls Spring Cleaning that is done in partners.  You decide on a topic you want to flush out of your system and your parter repeatedly asks you, “What do you have on ____?”. You talk, she thanks you for your answer and asks you again.  This goes on for 5, 10, 15 minutes and then you switch.

I HATE Spring Cleaning.  For some reason I am totally averse to it.  I think mostly because it’s done on the phone and I hate talking on the phone.  But my friend and I have figured out ways to make this a weekly ritual and make it less painful. So it usually involves dinner and actual facetime instead of the phone. So we did that last night over a home cooked meal and it was a big old YES for me.

  • Laurie Mayer says:
    January 7, 2011

    I hate spring cleaning too…I have ADD, and all that stopping and starting is too distracting, and makes me lose my train of thought…so I tweaked it and now I do it in a way I like…more of a free association!

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