Becoming a Pleasure Revolutionary

Yesterday I graduated as a woman from Mama Gena’s School of the Womanly Arts Mastery program.  I haven’t really discussed my experiences with the program on the blog before mostly because I wanted to keep it private and, to be honest before this weekend I didn’t really get it.

But this weekend I got it.  Boy did I ever.  And my husband got it when he was invited for the Mama Gena Gives it up to Men night and the Men’s panel the next day.  I can’t really divulge too many details but the basic premise is that Mama teaches women to constantly be searching for and living in their own pleasure.  That isn’t just physical pleasure but emotional pleasure.  You should handle even the most mundane tasks with a sense that is is the most enjoyable thing you have ever done.  She uses the example of a woman doing the dishes with music on in a paid of stilettos.

Anyway I had been anonymously gifted the tuition for the program and I found out last night who my benefactor was.  I won’t say on the blog but I can say that she is a Goddess with a capital G and she has given me a gift that I don’t know if I could every repay her.  Not just the money but the push I needed to actually take the leap into such an amazing, wonderful world of pleasure.  I thank her and will continue to thank her for the rest of my life.

If you’re interested in Mama Gena you can read her books or check out her website.  She is a queen among women and I encourage you to check her sweet ass out!

  • SG Maddy says:
    June 21, 2010

    WOW!!! It all makes sense doesn’t it?? Thank you so much for your post. I have a strong desire to create so much abundance in my life that I too, may gift women with Mastery ~ it is beautiful and more life affirming than is possible to describe in words. Congratulations on your graduation, I am so pleased to have met you through this shared experience!

  • Jennifer says:
    June 22, 2010

    Like. Like Like LIKE LIKE LOVE
    Congratulations, Sister. You are one incredible Goddess.

  • Natalie says:
    June 26, 2010

    I’ll admit, I was HIGHLY skeptical. Not anymore. You’re awesome, Marissa!!!

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