Blue Print Cleanse: Day 1

Today I start the Blue Print Cleanse, something I have been dying to do for a while now.  And even though it’s pricey, I’m not eating any other food during the cleanse so I suppose I can justify it.

Anyway it’s 10:30 and I am in the middle of my first juice which is an unmistakeable murky green color.  The ingredients in the juice are listed as: Romain, Celery, Cucumber, Green Apple, Spinach, Kale, Parsley & Lemon.  It tastes exactly what you would expect those ingredients to taste like – kind of like a salad that was pulverized in a blender.  But it’s actually, oddly refreshing.

I will check back on juice #2…

  • Bendistraw says:
    May 7, 2010

    Yum! Thats a common shake at my place. I usually do Romain, kale, Spinach, Apple, Coconut oil, Ginger. great way to wake up!

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