Why must apple always come out with new toys around my birthday?

okay we all knew it was coming.  The apple iPad was announced today at a fairly attractive price-point.  I’m a bit torn as to whether I go on the cheap and get the $499 version (16GB no 3G) or spring for the $829 version (64GB with 3G).  Anything in between seems silly.  I might do the 64GB without 3G – I just can’t justify spending another $30/month on yet another data plan.  I understand the people do such things but why?  If AT&T comes out with some kind of plan where you can link several iPhone with this thing and pay 1 flat rate for everything, then I’ll consider it.

It’s possible that my hubby may get me a gift certificate to buy this when it comes out for my birthday next week.  I’m on the fence.