My Workout Routine

I’ve decided not to make a new year’s resolution.  Instead I am resolving to keep doing the things that are good for me, like go to the gym.

My trainer, who is on vacation sent me the following routine to do while she is gone.  Let’s see if I can stick to it.

Here are two exercise programs for while I am away.  I want you to do the legs exercise twice and the upper once.  Make sure to mix in some abs and give me at least 30 minutes of cardio on your on days. 


  • Glute Machine: 37.5lb/18rep
  • Captain Chair: 15rep
  • Step  Machine (fourth hole down): 25lb/ 15rep
  • Leg Extension: 30lb/15rep
  • Hip Adductor Machine: 70lb/20rep


  • Cable Fly: 15lb/ 15rep
  • Pushup: 12
  • Single Row: 40lb/ 15rep
  • Reverse Tricep extension: 30lb/ 18rep
  • Cable Lat Pulldown: 52.5/15 rep
  • Cable Row: 37.5lb/ 15rep