Or am I losing my mind?

Last night I decided it was time to get back in gear and get my ass to the gym.  Despite not having’ slept very well the night before, I figured I could do 30 minutes on the spin bike without killing myself.  And I managed to do it and still stay alive.

Long story but I quit my gym a few months ago.  They made me take a survey and as a thank you, they gave me a 30 day pass to go back to the gym.  So I figured I’d take advantage.  I was told to go work out and then when I was done, come down and get my temp pass.  I went downstairs and they didn’t have the pass ready for me.  They said I had to go back upstairs to get it.  This is when my brain starts to ooze out of my ears.  I put my iphone and water bottle down on the front counter, walked upstairs to get my pass and then promptly walked out the door.

I went home, ate dinner, watched TV.  At about 11:00pm I realized that I hadn’t checked my phone in a while.  I looked in my bag, my pockets, my bag again…no phone.  I go on to mobile me and ping my phone…no sound.  Shit, shit shit shit!  I left my phone somewhere.  Fortunately it occurs to me that the only logical place is the gym, which is of course closed.  I google sms my husband to tell him of my plight and I don’t hear back.  I start to panic.  I decide to send another message to my phone via mobile me saying if you have the phone, call my husband.  That’s when I heard the beeping noise right outside of my door.

When my husband came through the door with my phone in his hand, I burst out into tears.  Lots of crazy emotion builds up when you think you’ve messed up big.  I never leave my phone places.  I’m usually really careful.  But this is just one mistake in a series of odd mistakes I’ve made in the past few weeks.  I’m going to blame stress…or maybe aliens.

Anyway turns out he had called me and some woman from the gym answered.  She held the phone for him and he went and picked it up.  I love him so much for getting it and for not judging me for leaving my phone.

  • Josh says:
    October 21, 2009


  • bendistraw says:
    October 21, 2009

    Wow. He’s a keeper for sure.

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