Rent the Runway

I just descovered a new site (still in it’s initial concept/collecting names phase) called

It’s scheduled to launch this November and promises to be every fashionista wannabe’s wet dream. The site will feature current season styles from the runway, sort of like an online shop. You can select anything you want to borrow for 4 days and you get to pick 2 sizes (to ensure that one of them will fit) of each piece.

The cost is about 10% of the retail price. For example, if you want to wear an Herve Legere dress to a party next Saturday and it costs $850, you simply pay the site $85 and get to pick it in 2 sizes to make sure you get the right fit. It arrives at your door the next day. You wear it and look amazing. Then you pop it back in the garment bag it came in and throw it in a mailbox when you’re done.

Sounds pretty cool especially if you’re off to big events all the time.  Would you participate in a program like this?