EA Sports Active = Sweaty and Awesome


I got home yesterday and a little present was waiting for me. My very own copy of EA Sports Active for Wii. I had to immediately take this thing out for a test drive and I have to say, it’s awesome. Last night I started the 30-day challenge which consists of Cardio and strength training. It’s a program designed to help you meet yourexercise goals in 30 days. I have to say, after 20 minutes of my “light” workout, I was drenched.

This morning I decided to bump up my intensity to medium and boy was I in for it. I was squatting and running and boxing.

So not only is it a great workout, it’s a lot of fun. Because you use the provided leg strap and put the nunchuck in the pocket, it really monitors your whole body movement and your character on the screen does pretty much what you’re doing.

Also, I just checked out the EA Sport Active website which has all kinds of tips, blogs and even stories of triumph from other users.

I’m very excited about this game because it is just the tip of theicebergwhen it comes to what the Wii is capable of. Can’t wait to see what comes out next.