Top Shop: Weird. Expensive.

The UK’s trendiest clothing store, Top Shop has finally invaded the US and they have parked their ship directly across from my office.  For the past week we’ve been watching people line up around the block just to walk into the store with the promise of good deals, trendy fashions and maybe catching a glimpse of a celebrity or two.

None of us from the office even bothered to go in because of the line but last night at 8pm, I got my opportunity.  I walked in the store and was completely overwhelmed with the selection of goods.  I immediately went to touch a dress just to the left of the entrance and like the good Jew I am, looked at the price tag.  $130 for a little cotton sundress???  Already I was disappointed.  I spent a total of 15 minutes in the store, scanning every hang tag for something that I could afford and there was pretty much nothing.  Not only that, there wasn’t much I found that appealing.  I like to think of myself as someone who will take a fashion risk or two, but a lot of this stuff was just plain weird.

So in conclusion, I think I will probably go back in there at some point.  It’s way to convenient to pass up.  But I’m hoping after the dust settles there will be some sales and maybe a less overwhelming shopping experience.