I went up to the mountain, because you asked me to

ObamaYesterday was one of the most historic days in American existance.  It was also one of my proudest moments to be an American.  Yesterday was the closest thing we’ve had to a social revolution in my lifetime.  I am so proud, happy and amazed of Obama and all the people who worked tirelessly to get him into office.  Now we must concentrate on the next 4-8 years and make sure that all we have worked for doesn’t become a distant memory.

I hope that Obama takes his populartiy and runs with it to actually envoke the change he preaches.  I hope that the American people who seem to really, genuinely LIKE this president elect will follow him and help him help us.  I hope store windows, like this one in SoHo continue to take great pride in not just their candidate but their president as well.

  • Tommy Donovan says:
    November 9, 2008

    The last paragraph really hits home. Great post.

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