Screw bonfires and sing-a-longs! I’m going to Flex Camp!

I am in New Jersey.  I am sitting in a cold event room in Montclare State University listening to men try to out-nerd each other, one presentation at a time.  I can’t say I didn’t ask for this…


I was never the type of kid to chose the computer over being outside.  I didn’t go to science camp, I went to arts camp.  I didn’t stay inside playing with my nintendo, I played soccer.  That’s why I’m baffled that I chose to spend two entire days of my life at Flex Camp.  What is flex camp you ask?  Well, basically it’s a big pissing contest between nerdy boys talking about how to code.  Most of the presentations do not apply to me.  Every once in a while a spunky, young programmer comes up and wakes us all up from our code induced stupor.  I’m just happy I have the internet today (yesterday we did not).


Maybe I’m just not nerdy enough to “get” this stuff.  I feel like I’m a competent programmer in Actionscript and I’m really starting to learn Flex but to be honest, I have zero interest in how Flex talks to Java.  I don’t care about unit testing.  I really just want to learn how to make it pretty. 


It’s not all awful.  There are some really nice people here and I’m meeting people face to face that I have only spoken to over email.  that’s fun.  Later on, someone is going to talk about using Drupal as a backend to Flex.  My inner nerd just got a little wet…ew.


Anyway I’m sticking it out till the end of the day.  I was told there would be dinner and alcohol.