A black president or a female vp? Yep, we can.

We are most likely in the midst of the most politically significant week in America’s history.  Here we are with several dramatic, record breaking nominees.  I feel very proud and honored to see 2 exceptional, exception to the rules racing to the white house.

Last night I watched as Obama accepted the nomination and I felt so proud and happy to be part of this historical moment.  This morning, when my husband (who is Canadian but seems to be far more involved in the American political process than most of the people I know) told me about McCain’s choice I felt very conflicted.  Yay women, boo republicans.

Now I am a hard-core, bleeding heart liberal and I want more than anything for Obama to win.  I also love Joe Biden and his populous ways because I feel like he “gets” it.  But it would be pretty amazing to have a young, female VP, even if (god forbid) it has to be a republican in the white house.

I’m just really amazed that these options are in front of us.  I am also terrified.  I think we’ve underestimated how smart John McCain really is.  This choice, is genious.  All those disinfranchised Hillary Clinton supporters (my grandmother included) who threatened to not vote for Obama, might vote for McCain knowing that they can get their female in the white house…scary!

So I guess, I am asking that people don’t be fooled.  At the end of the day, Sarah Palin is a republican and McCain’s VP choice.  Regardless of the fact that she is a mommy of 5 children and wears a skirt, it’s basically Cheney in a dress…well maybe that’s an overstatement.  She look a lot hotter than Cheney in a dress and I doubt she’s shot any of her friends in the face…yet.