Craft or Crap?

Last night I had a business dinner at Craft’s Private dining room.  I was totally expecting Tom Colicchio and his band of Top Chef’s to come out, do a quick-fire challenge for us and then dazzle us with their culinary offerings.

I was sadly mistaken.

First off, the pros on the experience.  The dining room is beautiful.  There are carefully chosen decorative elements gracing the dining room.  One wall is completely taken over by a chain-mail wine rack which was surprisingly empty but beautiful non the less.  There were sliding doors to reveal and hide the actual kitchen which looked immaculate.  Even the bathroom doors were elegantly hidden behind a sliding door.  And our waiter was fabulous and so nice. Oh and the wine was pretty good.

The cons though, far outweigh the pros.

Unfortunately, the food was kinda…eh.  I found the vegetables to be overcooked, kinda soggy and dare I say it, oily.  Nothing was presented all that well which killed me because on top chef, he’s always preaching presentation.

I must say that dessert was pretty good but there was WAY too much of it.  We were served a chocolate cake, a benoit, 2 dishes of ice cream and a meringue and then given a scone to take home with us.

So all in all if you were going to throw a party at the craft dining room I would say skip it, save your money.  It just didn’t seem that worth it to me.

  • Dave says:
    August 3, 2008

    I was there. I agree.

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